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Historic Fire House

The Boulder Pottery Lab, located in the historic #2 Fire Station at 1010 Aurora Ave., Boulder, CO (map), offers a wide variety of ceramic classes serving youth, teens, adults, seniors and people with disabilities.

Modern Pottery Lab
Girl Throwing

With state of the art equipment including 15 electric wheels, 2 kick wheels, 2 motorized kick wheels and a treadle wheel. Students can experience the joy of learning to make pots on the wheel while under the guidance of our well-trained and experienced staff. With 2 extruders, slab roller and workspace students can broaden their experience through hand-building and sculpture. The studio has 5 electric kilns and 4 gas kilns including a Raku kiln.

Elephant and Pot


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Studio Arts Boulder Waiver

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Class Cancellations

Class cancellation policy varies by type of class. Click on the buttons at upper-right for class descriptions, online registration, and class cancellation policies.

Studio Arts Boulder Photography and Videography Consent Policy

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