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Join us for our First Annual Chili Bowl – September 17 from 10am-6pm

Chili Bowl 2016

We’re closing down the block in front of the Pottery Lab for a big street party! Local studio art organizations will be selling art and conducting hands-on art activities. Local chefs will compete in a chili cook-off. Local craft brews and family-friendly live music are on tap as well. All while the Fall Pottery Sale goes on inside the Pottery Lab. Stop by for a day of family fun, great art, and tasty chili!

Studio Arts Boulder is a nonprofit art education organization at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in sunny Boulder, Colorado. The “studio arts” are those art forms which include any creative discipline requiring a substantial investment in equipment, facilities, and knowledge where beginners and experienced artists alike benefit from community interaction in shared facilities. Some of the studio arts include:

  • sculpture-photoSculpture:  3-dimensional artworks modelled in media including stone, metal, wood, clay, and in post-modernism times, with a variety of unconventional materials.  Sculpture may be subtractive, carving away stone or wood, or additive, modelling with clay then molding and casting, or constructive by connecting pieces together such as by welding.
  • Creating a pot on the pottery wheelCeramics: The creation of art objects such as figures, tiles, and tableware made from clay and other raw materials by the process of pottery. This process includes forming the clay using the pottery wheel, hand-building, and molds; decorating it with glazes, stains and slips; and firing it in kilns powered by electricity, gas, or wood.
  • Glass makingGlass: Studio glass or glass sculpture is the modern use of glass as an artistic medium to produce sculptures or two-dimensional functional or non-functional artworks. Specific approaches include working glass at room temperature with cold working and stained glass; working glass at high temperature with a torch flame (lampworking), glass beadmaking, glass casting, glass fusing, and, most notably, glass blowing.
  • Metal-working: is the process of working with metals to create functional and non-functional artwork such as jewelry, sculpture, and furniture. Metal art is typically made by various techniques of forming (casting, deforming, forging, extruding, bending, stamping), cutting (machining, turning, threading, grinding, filing), and joining (welding, brazing, soldering, bolting, screwing).
  • Print makingPrint-making: consists of making artworks by printing, normally on paper, but also on wood, cloth and even clay. Printmaking normally covers only the process of creating prints with an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting. The process is capable of producing multiples (‘prints’) of the same piece, each considered ‘an original’ since it is not a reproduction of another work of art. Printmaking is not chosen only for its ability to produce multiple copies, but rather for the unique qualities imparted by each of the printmaking processes.
  • Wood working shop, Seattle Central Community College Wood Construction FacilityWood-working: is the process of building, making, carving, turning, or joining something using wood. As a contemporary artistic medium, wood is used in traditional and modern styles, and is an excellent medium for new art. Wood is used in forms of sculpture, craft, and decoration including chip carving, wood burning, and marquetry. Wood offers a fascination, beauty, and complexity in the grain, that often shows even when the medium is painted.


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